7 Galway Castles' Bike Trail

Cloonacauneen Castle
Slí na gCaisleán (‘The Way of the Castles’) is a heritage cycle trail along a picturesque route of lakes, bogs, farmland, meadows, botharíns, castles and woods on the north and eastern side of Galway city and into Galway county. 
The trail is organised by Ballinfoile Mór Community Organic Garden in association with Bike Week.

Carrowbrowne Bog
Next guided tour will take place this Sunday (June 17th) starting at 9.30am from The Plots playing pitch at the Woodquay end of the Dyke Road, Galway city. 
For more information, please contact Brendan Smith at speediecelt@gmail.com
Terryland Castle
This 'Off the Beaten'  route starts from and finishes at Terryland Castle in a circa 25 km looped trail that includes the castles of Menlo, Castlegar, Cloonacauneen, Killeen, Ballybrit and Ballindooley. 
Approaching Cloonacauneen Castle

Killoughter, overlooking the Curraghline
Participants on this guided tours are required to bring along their own bicycle, suitable clothing and packed lunch.There will be an opportunity to enjoy a picnic on route. There will also be a stop over at Cloonacauneen Castle where participants can purchase food and beverages. Any children twelve years or under must be accompanied by an adult. 
All participants must sign a form agreeing to abide by the rules of the tour.
Click here for an online map of the route.

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In front of the old gate entrance to the Menlo demesne

Ballindooley Lough
Killeen Castle
Botharín, Castlegar
Ballybrit Castle

St. Peter & St. Paul's Catholic Church Coolagh
Menlo Castle
IRA Monument, Castlegar
In front of Castlegar Castle and old Handball Alley